South Africa – We’ve arrived in Cape Town!!!

London to Cape Town

BA 0043: Boeing 747 – 11hrs 30 mins

Moving House: Land Cruiser – 10 months 5 days

IMG_5029 IMG_4836 IMG_4995

Total distance driven: 30,557 miles / 49,136 km (almost 1.25 the circumference of the Earth!)

Average daily distance: 95.8 miles / 154 km

Fuel consumption: 5644 litres (24.63mpg or  8.71 km/litre)

Cheapest fuel: 7 pence/litre (11 US cents/litre) in Libya

Most expensive fuel: £1.13/litre (USD 1.79/litre) in Burundi

Ran out of fuel: Malawi (yes, all of it)

African countries visited: 17

Revolutions witnessed: 2 (Tunisia & Egypt)

Tear gas moments: 1

Bribes paid: 0

Speeding fines: 1 (but Ven sweet talked his way out of it!)

Vehicle searches: 8

Police road blocks en route: About 40 (especially in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt during the ‘Arab Spring’)

Number of hands shaken at border crossings and police stops: 893 (each, roughly)

Quickest border crossing: Namibia to South Africa – 10 mins – all the counters are numbered so you know exactly where to go! (Zimbabwe to Botswana would have been just as quick were there not a soap opera unfolding at the immigration office whilst our passports were being stamped!)

Slowest border crossing: Entering Egypt from Libya – 6hrs 50 mins, of which 10 mins to buy visa and have it stamped into our passports, and 6hrs 40mins to run around like a headless chicken getting the paperwork for our car sorted.

Parts fallen off car: 4

Punctures: 0 (!)

Worst road: Dodoma to Iringa in Tanzania (163miles, 7 hours and several lost car parts)

Scariest road: Sirte to Ajdabiya in Libya (in the dark, dodging Libyans zooming at over 100mph with no lights)

Number of teeth lost en route: 1

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