August 2011

Available at border – single entry $50, valid for 30 days

Entry point (from Malawi): at Mwani, en route to Chipata
Time taken: 35min

Carbon tax  payable for foreign vehicles
Motorcycles:  ZMK 50,000, Cars <= 1500cc ZMK 50,000, 1501cc – 2000cc ZMK 100,000, 2001cc-3000cc ZMK 150,000, >3000cc  ZMK 200,000

Money change
Carbon tax payable in local currency only. bank ( poor rates, and buys foreign currency only), located in the same building as immigration/customs.

Immigration and Customs at GPS: S 13.750984, E 32.796407. After immigration, proceed to money change at bank around the side of the building, and then pay carbon tax, and get carnet stamped.
Red (rear) and white or yellow (front) reflective strips needed for car.

Exit point (into Zimbabwe): Kariba GPS: S 16.51116, E 28.758802. Process straightforward


Barclays ATMs accept international VISA cards.

With exchange rate at ZMK 4975 = 1 USD
Throughout the country: Diesel ZMK 7958/litre ($1.60), Petrol ZMK 8647/litre ($1.74)


Car workshops
Toyota Zambia in Lusaka (at the Cairo Road/Great East Road junction) is daylight robbery.

Mobile internet is expensive. Both MTN and airtel pay as you go rates are approx MZK 1000/MB (or 5MB per USD), which is more than 10 times as expensive than elsewhere in East Africa. Airtel bundles are better, but typically require an outlay of USD25, valid for 30 days giving 300MB. MTN has no bundles.
APN: internet
username: <leave blank>
password: <leave blank>

Useful GPS
Barclays Bank, Chipata at GPS: S 13.639938,  E 32.645718

South Luangwa NP (Mfuwe) to Petauke: 180km, 6.5hours. Narrow and frequently bumpy track with several dry river corssings. The approx 50km section out of Petauke is good gravel. In the dry, 4WD not required, but high clearance essential. 4WD needed when wet.