May 2011

3 day visa at the border – $40

Entry point: Kayanza Haut GPS: S 2.792342, E 29.669169
Time taken: 30mins

None except visa

Money change
None needed at border.

Immigration is just before the boon on the right hand side. Give passport (no forms needed), and get a slip of paper for visa which you take to the customs window just past the boon on the same side. Pay visa fee, and collect receipt (which should be retained as it is checked on exit from the country). Carnet is done at the same customs window. Return to first counter and collect passport stamp.

Exit point: Kayanza Haut
Time taken: 15mins


Cash from VISA cards available at the Dimitri ATM at GPS: S 3.385013, E 29.368382 for a charge of BIF5000. It may also be possible at Interbank Burundi opposite the Aroma Cafe (GPS below). A local told us that these were the only two ATMs in town where foreign cards are accepted

With exchange rate at 1160BIF = 1 USD
Bujumbura: Diesel 2050BIF/litre ($1.77) , Petrol 2080BIF/litre ($1.79)

We did not find any in Bujumbura.

Car workshops
Toyata Burundi at GPS:S 3.376907, E 29.348697. Note that this is incorrectly marked in T4A (version 10.05)

None of our UK or Rwandan SIMs in roaming mode worked. Local SIMs (Leo widely used) available from U-com on the main roundabout at GPS: S 3.381502, E 29.361906. Free wi-fi available at hotels & cafe/bars such as Aroma, Bora Bora, and Havana.

Useful GPS

Aroma cafe: on Google Maps, but not T4A at GPS: S 3.380347, E 29.363256 has free wi-fi
Hotel Emeraude at GPS: S 3.379714, E 29.372989 is cheaper than Botanika with good rooms, and close to the action on Boulevard de L’Uprona (Havana, Toxic, Aroma etc).