Conversations whilst driving in Tunisia

Tunisia – on the road. To all our friends who asked us “what will you find to talk about?” Here are some snippets:

  • There’s a perfectly good pavement / pedestrian crossing / lane marking. Why isn’t (s)he using it?
  • What lane do you think that car wants to drive in?
  • Do you think the quality of their conversation is improved because they’re standing in the middle of the road?
  • Err, there’s a car coming straight at us in our lane. He’s overtaking that donkey cart. Slow down or we’ll crash!
  • Do you think that car passed it’s MOT?
  • Ooh, look. That car’s wheel hub has fallen off in the middle of the road!
  • How come he kept going? It’s a red light isn’t it?
  • Do you think parking on roundabouts is actually legal here?
  • A: There’s only two lanes marked but I can see five lanes of traffic. I think the cars on this side have made a hostile takeover bid for the other side of the road. What lane do you think we should be in?
  • V: Middle
  • Look! There’s a driving school car. I didn’t think they had any!

I suspect we’ll be having similar conversations in other countries…..

"The bed shop reassured me it would all fit in" (Tunis)

Just pile it on top if there's no room inside (Chenini to Kairouan)

Nose to tail parking in Tunis

Parallel parking in Tunis

"It's easier to carry our shopping if we walk in the middle of the road" (Chenini to Kairouan)

Walking along the highway in the wrong direction (Chenini to Kairouan)

Too cool for the pavement (Chenini to Kairouan)

Crazy over-taking on corners in front of us....

... whilst there's more over-taking behind us too (Chenini to Kairouan)

Watch out for camels crossing (Chebika)

"Do you think there's any diesel left?" (Ksar Ghilane)

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